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Wildman’s is a historic company with a storied past. We were founded in 1895 by W.H. Wildman in Norwalk, Ohio. Wildman believed in tradition and integrity in everything his new company produced. These convictions led to excellence in an otherwise average market and created a difference that can still be experienced today. Though the company has moved a few times and changed ownership over the years the commitment to W.H. Wildman’s founding principles has not. Since 1977 we’ve been blending, bottling, and labeling the finest spices, seasonings, and extracts in New Hampshire, Ohio. Still a family owned business, our start to finish process gives credence to the authenticity and care we put into every bottle that leaves our shop. We don’t do it this way because it’s the quickest or the easiest, but because we want to continue to produce noticeably better flavors. Once you try the Wildman’s brand we know you’ll appreciate the difference!

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